Tifft Joins DeBlois Electric as Service Coordinator

Tifft Joins DeBlois Electric as Service Coordinator

Nick Tifft

Tifft began his work career as the Youth Resource Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club of Auburn-Lewiston and most recently spent several years with a local company managing inventory and logistics of a statewide distribution center. He was educated locally, including courses in electrical work.


“Nick’s past education and experiences were the perfect blend of skills for this new position in the company,” says Mitch DeBlois, DeBlois Electric President. “We value our community and pride ourselves on our customer service, and Nick’s experience shows he is like-minded. We look forward to having his expertise at refining our process so we can deliver the best service to our customers.”


Tifft is excited to join the DeBlois team and grow the service sector together. He recognizes the need for service for the large customer base served by DeBlois Electric, and he’s proud to be a part of a company that values its internal and external relationships. “When I met Mitch, Steve (Morin), and Stacey (Fournier), I knew I had to come work here,” he explains. “The job responsibilities sounded like they were up my alley, and once I met the people, there was no way I couldn’t come here. The family-first values make for a genuine sense of community here.”




Tifft was born and raised in Buckfield and currently resides in Sumner with his wife and children. He is a drummer in the country rock band, Cold Blue Steel.