Generator Installation

Generators for Home and Business

Maine weather can be unpredictable, from sudden summer storms to prolonged winter blizzards. It’s important to be prepared for the inevitable — whether you’re spending time at home or trying to help customers, a generator can ensure that you’re never without power for long.

With 50 years of experience behind the DeBlois name, our licensed, trained installers make the process of getting the right generator for you easy.

We can make sure your entire home or business, including critical systems like heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems, and large appliances, is powered on within seconds of an outage.

Brands We Work With

Generator Benefits

  • Run on propane/natural gas
  • Prevent outage costs by saving food and pipes
  • High quality power won’t destroy electronics
  • Instant response time means you won’t lose heat
  • Regular & security lights are restored immediately
  • Running water functions exactly as you need it to

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